Medical billing service focussed on ease, convenience and best practice

Are you looking for a billing service that will make your life easier and make sure you get payments made regularly and efficiently directly into your account?

Australian Medical Billing Service gives you:
  • Billing handled quickly and without fuss
  • Fast turnaround on payments
  • Payments made directly into your account (not a trust account)
  • Guaranteed service satisfaction
  • ECLIPSE electronic claims lodgement service
  • Most advanced claims processing technology


We have a volume based schedule of fees:

5% + GST for billing processed 0-$100,000
4% + GST for billing processed $100-500,000
3% + GST for billing processed over $500,000

This includes health fund registration, obtaining IFC, arranging Pre-Payment of Known Gap or full amount, data entry, following up any rejected claims and resubmitting, following up any outstanding payments and monthly reporting.

There is a minimum fee of $15.00 per invoice.

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Our Difference

  • We do not charge for initial heath fund registration when registering a new provider number linked to our location
  • We utilise the most advanced technology available to process claims electronically
  • Payments go directly into your bank account rather than a trust fund


  • Professional Expertise
  • Improved cash flow as payment is faster
  • Allows you to focus on clinical work and increased productivity
  • Reduced Overhead Costs
  • Cost Effective
  • Convenient and Easy to Use

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